Thursday, February 28, 2008

Silence Camp - the planning phase -

In Spring of 2008 we are working on an idea for a weekend called "Silence Camp". The initial thought is to have it be around 6-10 people who are interested in the idea and who want to help flesh out the weekend so that we are all on the same level. If you are interested email and/or post something in the comments section.

Loosely the idea is to spend two days in silence together going through normal activites. It sounds a bit silly, like just a bunch of people pantomiming, but it is a better idea then just that... we just haven't quite put the language to it yet.

We appreciate any thoughts, ideas or such that you might have to help and if you are interested in being a part of it let us know.

Some basic framework (any alterations are welcome):
Caravan in mid-morning. Make lunch. Set up camp. Activites such as excercise, eating, looking, sleeping, reading, writing, thinking, walking, and listening. We are not really interested in mimicking a silent meditation retreat, but rather mimicking normal life (while camping), but doing it with non-verbal communication. Make dinner. Sleep. Wake up. Make breakfast. Listen. Eat Lunch. Clean up camp. Caravan out. Go get beers and dinner at Pappy & Harriet's.


Lisa said...

Finally, a sound camp without having to worry about possibly being trapped in the middle of nowhere with a drum circle or trying to sleep while the neighboring tent is having "deep" conversations while shrooming. I'm all over the sound of silence... but do we have to leave Los Angeles?

Michael Parker / Alyse Emdur said...

awesome... the first comment and by a luminary... indeed. a challenging notion.... how do we get people together from morning of one day until afternoon of the next here in town? hmmm... it'd be more like a sleepover and less like camping.